Midlands Initiatives for Local Enterprise Inc (MILE) is a not-for-profit organisation based in 

Oatlands Tasmania. MILE as an organisation has been operational and instrumental in many 

community projects since 1994.  

Midlands Initiatives for Local Enterprise (MILE) is governed by an elected committee of financial members and  community group representatives; with numerous volunteers working for the group in different roles.   Midlands Memorial Community Centre  MILE Office o Auspicing/Guardianship; which allows non-incorporated projects and groups to apply for grants. In this  role MILE acts as the financial and legal body for the term of the project/grant.   o NILs agent; in partnership with NILs Tasmania. The NILS Network of Tasmania provides interest-free loans for household essentials, car maintenance,  educational essentials, and medical and dental services for individuals or families on low incomes.   MILE provides a local agent to assist with applications so recipient does not have to travel to Hobart.   Venue hire Gallery Space Community Activities and Events o School Holiday Program o Arts & Crafts Group o Monthly - Thumbprint Market o Annually - Party Plan Expo o Annually - Oatlands Garage Sale Oatlands Bargain Centre    A volunteer run op-shop operating 7 days a week from 10 am - 4 pm.    Volunteer work hours are recorded and profit raised provides funding to local community groups and services they  nominate in the Southern Midlands.   Southern Midlands News   Currently not producing due to no editor or publication team. More information will be available after the MILE  meeting on Tuesday 21st February 2017.    Managed by MILE Inc since March 2011   The paper is a volunteer run community news publication; distributing via outlets in the Southern Midlands  Municipality. Email contact: smnews@mile.org.au  


midlands initiatives for local enterprise inc.
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